Strength Points
Hur Far is an engineering company specialized in fabrication, consultation, maintenance and service for palm oil machinery. Our company is staffed with experienced and well trained technical personnel. With the dedication of the staff, our company has successfully undertaken numerous turnkey projects for customized machineries and equipment for palm oil mill. The materials we use are well known for their outstanding quality and this ensures that our products are reliable and durable.

Our specialized product lines are Press Station (Digester, Double Screw Press, Press Liquor Vibro Screen Separator), Kernel Plant (Rolek Dynamic Nut Cracker and Clay Bath) Empty Bunch System (Double Deck Crusher Roller, Hard Bunch Compress Machine, Empty Bunch Shredder, Empty Bunch Press, Empty Bunch Hammer Mill and Mono Muncher Empty Bunch Cutter Machine). Our specialized project lines are Empty Bunch (EFB) Fibre Plant, 4 Stage Winnowing Column Recovery Dry Kernel & Shell, Palm-Based Bio-Fertilizer Plant and Efficient Oil Clarification System without Oil Purifier & Sludge Separator. We also offer a range of comprehensive advisory services which include site survey, design, installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and handover. Now we are one step forward for zero waste technology for palm oil mill (converting waste discharge to added value products and innovation in palm oil mill). Our experience in this field has also enabled us to utilize design such as AutoCAD in our design. We are able to achieve and maintain high standard production and on time schedule for the benefit of our customers.

Due to our practical and efficient design of our Palm Oil processing machinery, we have managed to supply a number of the machinery, equipment and projects to both local and oversea factories located in India, Papua New Guinee, Sri Langka, Indonesia and Thailand.

We are pleased and proud to be associated with a wide range of customers, amongst them are well know plantation agencies / company, government and quasi-government organizations (local and abroad), such as United Plantations Berhad (Jenderata Estate), Sime Darby Plantations (Sri Intan Oil Mill and Selaba Oil Mill), Felcra Processing & Engineering and Felda Palm Industries Sdn Bhd.

Our team of well trained and experienced technical personnel are ready to undertaken all scope of machinery and equipment installation commissioning functions expeditiously and efficiently in Malaysia and abroad.

Sale Services
Our after sales service includes:
  1. Training by our factory personnel in processing know how, machinery operation, maintenance techniques and controls.
  2. Visits by our technical personnel to our customers (local and abroad) for recommendations on our machinery and equipment preventive maintenance and service schedule, up-grading and improvement on latest machinery / equipment and processing system and techniques, supply of spare parts through our dealer or direct from our comprehensive stock expeditiously to meet customer’s requirement and orders, both local and abroad.

Vision and Mission
Our company’s policy has always been Customer Service orientated and as such our main objective are to:
  1. Design and fabricate and supply equipment and production line to suit our customer’s requirement and budget.
  2. Provide reliable and yet economical machinery and system for the benefit of our Customer.
  3. Achieve minimum lead time delivery schedule for our Customer’s orders.